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Infinity Tyres Any Good

infinity tyres any good

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Baba with garland

Baba with garland

A spiritual refuge Sri Sri Ravishankar

Dharma, Divine, Master, Presence, Buddha, Sangha

This beautiful article illustrates the connection between the above in a succinct manner.

I think that this brilliant article must be read by all devotees for assimilating Sai Wisdom in our lives.

In the spiritual path, there are three factors: the Buddha - the Master or the Enlightened, the Sangha - the commune or the group, and the Dharma - your nature, your true nature. One of the main things in the Buddhist practice is taking refuge in all these three. Buddham Sharanam Gacchami means ‘I take refuge in Buddha’. Sangham Sharanam Gacchami means ‘I take refuge in the assembly, the Sangha’. And Dhammam Sharanam Gacchami means ‘I take refuge in the true nature of things as they are’.

Buddha or the Master is the Enlightened. The closer you go to Him the more charm you find. You will never be tired of the Enlightened. The closer you go the more newness, the more charm, the more love you feel. It’s like a depth without a bottom. Buddha’s company will always be new and charming.

Master is a doorway. And the doorway needs to be more charming than the world so that you will come to the doorway. Someone is in the street and there is rain and thunder, or hot sun. They need shelter. They look around, they find a doorway. They come to the doorway. The doorway is more inviting, more charming, more celebrative, more joyful than anything else in the world.

Nothing could give that much peace, joy, pleasure in the world. Once you come to the doorway, you enter the door and see the world from there. See the world from the eyes of the Master. This is a sign that you have come to the Master. Otherwise you may still be standing in the street and looking at the door. But once you have entered the door, then you will see the whole world from the eyes of the Master.

What does this mean? In every situation that you face, you will think, ‘‘If this situation comes in front of the Master, how would he or she handle it?’’ or ‘‘If this complication comes in front of the Master, how would he take it?’’ or ‘‘If someone blames the Master like this, how would he handle it?’’. See the world from the eyes of the Master all the time.

The world looks much more beautiful; not a nasty place. But a place filled with love, filled with joy, cooperation, compassion, and all virtues. The world is much more fun. Looking through the doorway, there is no fear. You will look at the world without any fear. You will be in all relationships with everybody without any fear. Because there is shelter.

From inside the home, you will look at the thunder, you will look at the storm, you will look at the rain, you will look at the bright sun. Inside you have air conditioning. Very cool, pleasant. Outside it’s hot. You don’t mind because there is nothing that can really distract you, disturb you, or take the fullness away from you. Such a sense of security, such a sense of fullness and joy comes. That is the purpose of having a Master.

All relationships in the world go topsy-turvy. You make relationships and you break relationships. All relationships can get broken or made up and again broken. And there is craving and aversion. This is the world. This is samsara. But the Master is not a relationship. The Master is the Presence. What is necessary is to feel the Presence of the Master, not to make a relationship. Don’t make the Master a part of your world. You feel the Presence of the Master, that is eternal. That has been there with you before, now, and will be there in the future, too.

Master is the Presence. World is relativity. And relativity has limitations. Presence is unlimited. Presence is vast, infinite, and all comprehensive, all inclusive. And the presence of the Master in one’s life will bring fulfillment to all relations. Every relationship will become complete with the presence of the Infinity if the Master is in your life.

Living with people

The second factor is Sangha, the group. The group is very charming from a distance but the closer you get to it, it pushes all your buttons and brings about all the unwanted things from within you. Any group is very good from a distance or with just a little acquaintance. If you think some group is very good that means you are not yet completely with the group in totality. When you are part of that group you will find some bickering will come up. That’s why you find the other group better than your group. It’s really not the fact because you make the group. If you are better your group will be better. If you are not better anywhere you go you will make that group also like you.

Sangha has a reverse nature than Buddha - completely different. Once you are used to a Sangha you lose the charm in the Sangha. That is essential because while Buddha makes your mind one-pointed, Sangha, because it is of so many people, can scatter your mind. It will fragment it. Sangha’s nature will be such though it is very suppo



I wrote this:

As I have come to slowly realize, that once I have lost what I hold dear, literally everything, I have gained eternity. A sort of infinity so to speak. With that in mind, I started my Night, and as Night persists, while life carries on I shall forever delve into insanity a little bit more. From what I have experienced this eve and now dawn is upon my unrested body. I think of a joke first thing, if there is no rest for the wicked, then I am Voldemort. I giggle to myself. Straight away my mind turns to a serious note, I feel neither life nor death shall bring me closer to truth. So do not disturb these bones, please. Perhaps that's what should be on my tombstone.

Maybe death and life are nothing more then perceptions amongst a world powered by nature and nature is quite far from our human logic. Don't get me wrong, I am not against it nor chaos, these Nights are made for chaos and insanity. In a way the only branch I have left to feeling, for pleasure, to any spiritual existence I once held dear. I grow tired of the Saviour, I don't want to be saved, no, I just wanna be free. The two are separable and if it is all perception, what am I being saved from? my own self? I dig me.

Now my morning begins, warm cup of joe and a fag in my mouth. Stepping outside in my pea-coat, I allow the dew to settle on me before I begin any hasty movements. Taking a seat as if I am forming a piece of the stone that rests under my ass, my body never truly settles. I decide it is time to light up, each movement feels quite cool and crisp. I can't feel the strains I endured from the Night before. As I stare at the dew I think of all the girls I once loved, Green comes to mind, if people are like rain, I would be drizzle and they would be hurricanes. I mean, that's what seems so exotic about it. The flare, mystery, an unknown element that grasps the attention of any onlooker or passerby. The sought adventure, what's more interesting then something beyond understanding? All this whilst the blinders slowly crack open, freeing the once sheltered eyes. Seeing a sun anew, as if stars never existed. All additives to the Night, an extension of the existentialists existence.

My coffee's bloody cold... my square isn't quite finished. I wonder if anyone is up quite yet. I shan't wake them. Can't believe it's 7 in the morn, my obscenely tired body hit the mattress only 2 hours ago. And already my blood is pumping, heart is racing, my leg is hopping at a considerable rate. That's good I suppose, means this body hasn't objected to the Night I have grown into.

Lost in thought as always, I was startled by a loud bang behind me. To my surprise it was May, I quite fancied her. She was a great girl, but a hurricane. She sat right next to me, without question took a smoke and a sip of cold brewed coffee I had. Standing May briskly went inside and freshened it up handing it to me, "Here man, no use having a chilled cup of coffee on such a chilly morning."

"Thanks, amiga. Everyone still sleepn'?"
"umm..." she says while looking back at the door, "not sure, I was hoping the bang of that door would wake their asses up." she started to light her cigarette. I don't know what it is but, watching her smoke makes me want to smoke. It looks like it's her first one every time. Also, watching her smoke is of interest to me, no idea why, just is. I looked over at her smirking, "It's about damn time," I respond as I pull out another stick from the pack, "I'm hungry, May." I liked to say her name, there was something eloquent about it, a name with class.

infinity tyres any good

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