Used tires in az : Discovery 2 tyre sizes

Used Tires In Az

used tires in az

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Road Isn't Opening Anytime Soon

Road Isn't Opening Anytime Soon

It had been a while since I went down to where 67th Avenue crosses the Salt River. The water is definitely down from its high point, but I think it wil be a while before the road is open. Next step is to contact the county and see if they intend to repair the road once the water is down or leave the road closed.

I do not know if the car tired crossing at 67th Ave or if it had been carried down river by the current. Water flow right now is not too bad, I did ride my bike through it. One thing about here compaired to the Low water crossings I used in Texas, these are not as slimey. There is more rain in Texas, so the crossings often stay wet all year long and algae builds up on the concrete making it quite slick.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Thought this capture behind the scenes Twig / AZ Ren Fest promo photo shoot in progress might be enjoyable.

When the sun is out and harsh we use a diffuser to soften the rays.

My assistant Bobby is holding the diffuser and checking the quality of the light. Or maybe he's just tired of holding the diffuser and looking down :-)

Shot at Freestone Park in Gilbert Arizona using a Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon EF 24-70mm F/2.8L USM Zoom lens.

used tires in az

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